Our Technology |

"Patented pharmacogenomic technology, enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, fuels the precision of Phenomics Health technological breakthroughs."

Phenome Analytics Platform

At the core of our Phenomics products and services is the proprietary, patented Phenome Analytics Platform (PAP). The Platform is a technological tool enabled by advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence methods integrated to achieve increased treatment precision. Patient-specific and population-based medical big data is analyzed by PAP and then translated into clinical treatment decision support products and services that provide real-time patient treatment updates.

The Difference

Phenomics Health Inc. matches big data, molecular and network biology, sociomic, electronic health record, and other data for each patient against stratified patient cohorts and population datasets. This process is supported by deep learning and collated into an individual patient pharmacological phenotype. This is a new way of looking at drug-gene interactions to measure and predict patient drug response, drug-drug interactions, and potential adverse side effects.

The Outcomes

This new way of analyzing disease/drug response interactions provides a precise and actionable clinical patient profile, which can be updated periodically to incorporate changing patient phenotype data, as well as a predictive evidence-based assessment of a patient's unique responses and tolerance across multiple therapeutic and medication classes.