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 Phenomics Health offers the ONLY Precision Medicine Solution to both PREDICT and MEASURE Medications

Challenges of Medication Management

Medications are Ineffective

Based on patient’s genetics; Varies by disease area 38 – 75%1

Medications Not Taken

Patient non-adherent to prescribed drugs2

Medication Dose is Ineffective

Out of the range of effectiveness3

Unknown Medications Not Taken

Drugs detected not in the medical record4

Drug Interaction Risks from Unkown Medications4

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About Us

Phenomics Health™ is the first precision medicine company to personalize medication treatment by combining advanced methods to predict the right drug and right dose for multiple medical conditions with direct measurement of medications in a patient’s circulation to accurately determine patient polypharmacy, drug-drug interactions, and patient drug adherence.

Our population is polymorbid and polypharmic, with complex therapeutic regimens that are difficult to maintain for patients inflicted with metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and depression. Genetic predisposition and metabolism of medications determine medication effectiveness (even when patients are fully adherent).

  • More than half of adults 65 and older (54%) report taking four or more prescription drugs
  • 52+% of patients prescribed one medication have pharmacotherapy issues. That rate approaches 100% in patients taking five or more medications.
  • Polypharmacy increases the risk of adverse drug events with 5 medications by 58% and with 8 or more medications by 82%.

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