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Next, Setup Prior Authorization Support For Your Practice

An Easy And Complete Solution

We know that obtaining prior authorizations is time-consuming, frustrating, and can often delay patient care.

Phenomics Health is working with Infinx Healthcare to expand your options for obtaining prior authorizations. By enrolling your practice with Infinx, you’ll be authorizing Infinx to initiate prior authorizations on your behalf, alleviating administrative burden.

Infinx’s Prior Authorization Software is a cloud-based, scalable solution, driven by artificial intelligence and automation, backed by experienced billing specialists, offering you end-to-end prior authorization coverage.

By enrolling with Infinx you’ll get access to:
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Experienced specialists providing you with complete prior authorization coverage
  • A free service that is easy to enroll

To sign up, simply complete the BAA and Provider Enrollment Form at: