"Our patented metabolomic technology will help improve patient treatment outcomes, avoid adverse drug reactions, and reduce patient treatment costs - the real definition of precision medicine."

PrecīsMed Precision


Quantitative Medication Detection

Phenomics Health pharmacometabolomic technology enables detection, quantitative measurement, and comprehensive assessment of over 200 medications in a patient’s circulation to guide medication treatment, conduct research to identify new medications, and support clinical trials for new or repurposed drugs. This patented technology includes methods, procedures, algorithms, and data analytics to identify and analyze medications in a patient’s systemic circulation, whether prescribed or not prescribed.

PrecīsMed products are designed to monitor patient adherence, provide accurate medication reconciliation, guide dose adjustments, and identify potentially harmful drug-drug interactions. Clinical studies have demonstrated that PrecīsMed can accurately assess prescribing trends, medication adherence, and EHR coverage.

Phenomics Health pharmacometabolomic products will be marketed under the PrecīsMed brand, as well as licensed to clinical laboratories and health care systems. Commercial products cover multiple patient disorders, including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, post-operative pain, opioid usage, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

The integration of our disease-drug response network discoveries, patient pharmacometabolomic profiles, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, provides the capability to enhance the precision and predictability of medication selection to improve patient treatment outcomes, avoid adverse drug reactions, and reduce patient treatment costs.

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