Our Vision |

"Millions of people suffer every year from inadequate outcomes and severe side effects of prescription medications that were meant to help them. Our discoveries have the potential to change and improve lives."

-Founders, Dr. Brian D. Athey and Dr. James S. Burns  

The Problem
For decades, researchers have pursued coding-gene pharmacogenomic testing as a way of improving medication selection and reducing medication side effects. Despite advances, the results have been limited in their ability to predict patient outcomes, interpret drug-drug interactions, and avoid potential adverse reactions.
The Breakthrough
A University of Michigan team, led by Dr. Brian D. Athey, developed a breakthrough technology for determining how individual genes are impacted by specific drugs, when evaluated in a combination with external environmental factors and patient traits, such as network biology, ethnicity, environment, sociological factors, and recorded health history. 
The result is a highly predictive profile of a patient's unique drug response or phenotype. Athey and biotechnology entrepreneur Dr. James S. Burns evaluated the potential applications of advanced pharmacogenomics and created a plan to move the technology forward. Phenomics Health Inc. (PHI) was launched in 2018 and PHI's proprietary Phenome Analytic Platform (PAP) was introduced.
Our Mission
Phenomics Health Inc. is commercializing novel pharmacogenomic and precision medicine products and services across therapeutic areas associated with chronic pain, mental illness, stress, and cardiovascular disease. PHI also provides contract-based and collaborative research services to test mechanisms and pathways for new and repurposed drugs, including CNS, cardiovascular disease, cancer, GI, and immune system disorders.